Our Mission: As a non-profit organization, Cantata orchestrates innovation solutions, services, and connections for adults and their families as they seek to achieve their best lives.
Transition to Home Program

Cantata’s Transitional Care Team – a Team that Understands

“What’s next as I transition from one healthcare setting to another? What happens in a rehabilitation center? Will I ever get to return home?”

When your recovery includes time in a rehabilitation facility, we know you have questions. At Cantata in Brookfield, Illinois, you will find a team of professionals who understand the challenges each individual faces during an acute injury, acute illness, functional loss or chronic condition. Together, we work with you so you know exactly what to expect during your rehabilitation and beyond.Cantata’s dedicated transition team and clinical team consist of a highly-skilled medical director, skilled care physician, medicine rehabilitation physician, nurse practitioners, skilled nurses, care manager, social workers, nutritionist, psychiatrists, psychologist and expert physical therapy team including occupational and speech therapy.

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Assisted Living

Build a Long-Lasting Transition Plan


We realize everyone’s journey is different. Cantata offers a wide variety of services to meet each individual’s needs. It does not matter where you’re at during the transition, Cantata’s Transition Team will collaborate with each member of the clinical team to assess your unique needs. Our experts will then coach and navigate you through your health care challenges to build a comprehensive, safe, and long-lasting transition plan.

The services from Cantata that may be part of your transition plan include:


  • Individual Transition Plan
  • Home Safety Evaluation
  • Cantata Home Services to assist with activities of daily living
  • Medication through the 30-day home pill pack program
  • Durable Medical Equipment ordered and delivered
  • Appointment scheduling with PCP or specialist
  • Home Health Collaboration
  • Campus Living
  • Outpatient Therapy
  • Fitness Center
Transition Plan
Rehabilitation Goals at Cantata

Rehabilitation Goals at Cantata


Cantata is committed to the practice of transitional care management, aimed to identify and navigate around barriers to create successful transitions and prevent gaps in care. We work with our Hospital Partners to improve each individual’s experience while saving health systems the cost of avoidable readmissions.

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