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Our Clinical Experts

Clinical Expertise at Cantata

Whether you require full-time, around-the-clock care or just need some help during recovery, Cantata Rehabilitation Services in Brookfield, Illinois offers the highest standard of short-term rehabilitative services and long-term nursing home care in a safe, warm and caring environment.

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Clinical Experts
Our Comprehensive Medical Staff is Here for You

Our Comprehensive Medical Staff is Here for You

Each team member has extensive knowledge of the medical needs of the geriatric population and takes the time to understand each patient’s specific care and mobility requirements.


Formerly British Home Rehabilitation Services, Cantata has been providing excellent patient care since 1920. Our team of compassionate, professional staff includes licensed physicians, nurses, rehabilitative therapists, registered dieticians and other medical support professionals trained in geriatric care.

Our skilled nursing staff and supporting medical team is also trained to manage the needs of residents with acute or chronic diseases, such as diabetes; provide specialized care for various cancers; and care for those that require individualized protocols when recovering from surgical procedures.

Other physicians on our medical team include specialists in cardiology, wound care, physiatrist for pain management and rehabilitative medicine, psychiatrists and neuropsychologists.

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Explore the advantages Cantata has to offer