Our Mission: As a non-profit organization, Cantata orchestrates innovation solutions, services, and connections for adults and their families as they seek to achieve their best lives.

Daily Life On Campus

For over a century, Cantata has been helping seniors live their best lives

Sep 21, 2023

As your individual health needs change with age, Cantata Adult Life Services stands ready to accommodate with appealing amenities and thoughtful, caring service.

A Brookfield community fixture for more than 100 years, the not-for-profit Cantata campus offers a range of living options set within the quiet privacy of a scenic 10-acre forested preserve, yet remains readily accessible to the greater Chicago area.

“With Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Support, Skilled Rehab and Long-Term Care, we are here to help our residents navigate the progression of their entire life journey, whatever it looks like and whatever they need,” said Cantata’s resident services director Lesya Shoorgot.

Residents can choose where to enter the Cantata system with the ability to transition between levels of care as their health and preferences evolve. The Independent Living apartments provide residents with a sense of freedom and opportunities for socialization with friends and neighbors.

 “It’s a great environment to start your retirement in,” Shoorgot said. “Caregiving support is available for an additional fee at the Independent Living level. Later, if your care requirements start to change, our Assisted Living approach is unique in that you can still maximize your independence in your own apartment with assistance available only as much as you need it.”

Assisted Living residents can choose from private one or two bedroom apartment options and remain free to set their own daily schedules and leave the campus at will.   

“When you do need help with bathing, dressing or medications, we’re there at the touch of a button,” Shoorgot said. “There’s no caregiver in the room with you all day long. Our residents are able to maintain their privacy but still have immediate access to additional care whenever they want it.”

Between Independent Living and Assisted Living, Cantata manages 150 apartments on the property with changing availability and serves meals in restaurant-style dining rooms.

“All of our food is made fresh in-house daily — soups and starters, two entrees and a dessert,” Shoorgot said. “Many of our residents love the fact that they don’t have to worry about cleaning up or doing the dishes after they eat!”

A variety of life-enrichment programs — including games, movie screenings, craft activities, music, shopping trips, restaurant visits and religious services  — create a full, well-rounded experience for Cantata residents.

“Our most popular activity is an instructor-led exercise class each morning after breakfast,” Shoorgot said. “Our local library leads a book club here, and we have local high school students visit to do activities with our residents as well. It’s always fun to see the different generations coming together and having a good time.”

A dedicated staff of employees who truly care about the residents they serve are one of the reasons for Cantata’s longevity. Some have been with the organization for as long as 25 years.

“We have a real passion for the work we do, our residents and their families,” Shoorgot said. “We’ve been around long enough to become experts in the industry. The aging process isn’t one-size-fits-all; it’s unique and different for each person. We’re here to help every step of the way.”

Through an approach that considers outlook, purpose, balance and vitality, the Cantata Best Life Foundation supports the well-being of its residents with fundraising and advocacy. For more information, visit cantata.org/care-services/assisted-living.


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