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At Cantata Adult Life Services, caregiving is a family affair

Jan 11, 2024

Caregiving is a family affair

It’s all about the care. And for caregivers, that means self-care.

“When you’re a primary caregiver to a spouse or family member, you’re putting the majority of your time and energy into someone else’s health needs and leaving little to nothing for yourself,” said Lesya Shoorgot, residence service director at Cantata Adult Life Services, “and that’s more often than not a recipe for caregiver burnout.”

Family members helping with their loved one’s care often experience their own health issues that range from changes in mood and loss of appetite to physical exhaustion and disrupted sleep patterns.

With more than a century of helping individuals and families successfully age, Cantata provides that “home sweet home” feeling for primary caregivers looking for some relief. Whether for a few days, two weeks or even a month, the nonprofit assumes the duty of caregiver for those patients whose spouses and families need to decompress and just recharge.

After a caregiver places the initial call to Cantata for help, the nonprofit’s care team meets with the family to assess the individual’s needs for managed care. The assessment can occur either on-site or at the individual’s home. Since needs vary from client to client, Cantata provides different levels of care. Shoorgot said while the services they provide are not typically covered by insurance, there are instances when they are covered by long-term care life insurance policies.

“Just as no two individuals are alike, our care plans vary from case to case,” Shoorgot said. “Some guests may need assistance with dressing, mobile transfer, physical therapy or maybe even more skilled help. Others may need hospice care. No matter the level of care though, the family caregivers now have a vital break to catch up with their own lives and focus on themselves for a bit while their loved ones are here.”

The lush, wooded 10-acre campus — which includes independent living, assisted living, memory support, short-term rehab and skilled nursing care — provides its residents with 24/7 care, seven days a week. Cantata residents and guests can enjoy the fitness center, beauty salon and other amenities as well as choose from a wide variety of activities, scheduled events, game nights and off-campus trips to cultural and sporting events. All residents have access to three meals each day and a refrigerator for meals and snacks in their apartment. Residents as well as respite guests are also provided a medical bracelet that they can use to access 24-hour emergency care during their stay.

Shoorgot said respite guests are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Holidays are popular times when caregivers seem to need the most support so they can catch up on shopping, make that brief out-of-town visit to relatives and more.

“And while the primary caregivers are getting some relief, their spouse or family member is also experiencing a positive period of time. It’s very social here,” Shoorgot said. “By the end of the stay, both the caregiver and their loved ones are in better spirits. The caregiver has the time to recharge and the client gets to experience their own social activities and connections, which is so important. Everyone just feels refreshed and recharged.”


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“With Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Support, Skilled Rehab and Long-Term Care, we are here to help our residents navigate the progression of their entire life journey, whatever it looks like and whatever they need,”

-Lesya Shoorgot

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